GenreInk’s(tm) New Digs!

Well, sort of. The old website is getting completely revamped. I intend this blog to enhance the new site and probably replace the Yahoo group as well.

I have various ideas for this, of course.

  • I have an large collection of website reviews, mostly related to frugality in some form or the other. They need a home. If they aren’t added here, they should be linked here.
  • There are photos, artwork, etc. we want to sell. Also there are some high-end antiques & books. This might be where I talk about pieces I intend to put up on ebay, etsy, bonanza, or send to auction? We’ll see.
  • I want a site where I can help my author friends sell their work. The best part of the shop for me was when people wanted a book, and not only did I have the book, but the author was in house; I could get the author directly connected with their reader.
  • Lastly, I want a place where I can beat Tom’s & my drum for the two anthologies — absolute unabashed self-promotion!

Let me know what you think? This is still in the design phase, so we’re fairly flexible!

Judith (and B, the webmaster)



3 thoughts on “GenreInk’s(tm) New Digs!

  1. At 88 years of age and due to health problems I’m going out of business. I have 7 John W. Campbell Letters With Isaac Asimov and A.E. van Vogt, first edition, numbered, hardcover books remaining. Kelly Freas cover. The last one I sold on fetched $125. Would you like to offer us a price on these seven books in mint condition? Editor’s signature optional at no additional price. Picture available if desired.

    Perry A. Chapdelaine, Sr.

  2. Dear Sir or Madam:

    1,000 hardcover John W. Campbell Letters, Volume I, were published in 1985. 603 sold at $35 each, which leaves 396. These books are too fine a representation of science fiction history to go to the dump. As James Gunn has written, “. . . the directions in which science fiction has developed have been largely determined by such editors as Hugo Gernsback and, in particular, John W. Campbell, . . .” This book shows how Campbell taught new writers and directed established writers to create the Golden Age of science fiction.
    I’m 88 years old with health problems and haven’t tried to sell books for many years. They’re wonderful collector’s items now worth far more than $35 apiece. Your clients should have the opportunity to buy JWC volume I; 610 pages, Kelly Freas cover, (Volume II has been sold out at $40 each)
    All mint condition, first edition. Here’s my offering: First come, first served.

    Purchase 396 $5.00 each = $1,980
    100 $6.00 each = $ 600
    50 $7.00 each = $ 350
    25 $8.00 each = $ 200
    10 $9.00 each = $ 90
    1 $15.00each = $ 15

    I’ll pay media shipping charges on any order.
    To hold your books, please acknowledge your order via email ( and then send your check to Perry A. Chapdelaine, Sr., 7111 Sweetgum Road, Fairview, TN 37062
    Picture available if desired.

    • HI! Of course I know the Campbell Letters. I’m no longer buying stock for the shop. I will however, forward the information to someone who might be interested.

      Thank you for the comment!

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