GenreInk’s(tm) New Digs!

Well, sort of. The old website is getting completely revamped. I intend this blog to enhance the new site and probably replace the Yahoo group as well.

I have various ideas for this, of course.

  • I have an large collection of website reviews, mostly related to frugality in some form or the other. They need a home. If they aren’t added here, they should be linked here.
  • There are photos, artwork, etc. we want to sell. Also there are some high-end antiques & books. This might be where I talk about pieces I intend to put up on ebay, etsy, bonanza, or send to auction? We’ll see.
  • I want a site where I can help my author friends sell their work. The best part of the shop for me was when people wanted a book, and not only did I have the book, but the author was in house; I could get the author directly connected with their reader.
  • Lastly, I want a place where I can beat Tom’s & my drum for the two anthologies — absolute unabashed self-promotion!

Let me know what you think? This is still in the design phase, so we’re fairly flexible!

Judith (and B, the webmaster)